Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I have to be a LID Intern to still come to camp?

    No, you do not need to be an intern to come to camp, however you will still need to sign and uphold the current Leader in Training contract. This includes a daily leader in training debrief. You will pay a ‘Young Adult’ price and not receive the LID Intern discount.

  • Can I be a LID Intern if I under the age of 18?

    Community Plus welcomes applications from individuals who have graduated high school. This often happens at 18 years and older, if you have graduated high school before the age of 18 then you can apply.

  • Am I too old to be participate?

    The Australian Mission of Community of Christ has begun to focus on ways to engage young adults in our communities and promote opportunities for leadership development, therefore this LID Internship is geared towards young adults. Community Plus encourages you to apply if you are 18 as you could learn a lot about your leadership and discipleship from participating in this internship.

  • Can I participate if I am not a member of the Community of Christ?

    Yes. Membership in Community of Christ is not a requirement. You will be working directly with Community of Christ ministries and will be learning about Community of Christ as part of the program. Community Plus encourages all who want to develop their leadership skills and find depth and growth within Community Plus & Community of Christ to participate.

  • What is required for the applicant of the LIT program?

    You will need your Working With Children Check (WWCC) applicable to the state you live in and your Child & Youth Protection Certification (CYP) provided through the Community of Christ.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost to participate in the LID Internship is $400.

    Community Plus requests a financial commitment fee from interns to support the capacity of the program.

  • Are there extra costs?

    Yes, you will be expected to cover registration costs for camps, retreats and your travel and meals to and from events.

  • I want to participate but don’t think I can afford it..

    There are a few different payment plans available to suit your needs

    We do not want to exclude anyone from this program because of financial concerns. Please contact the Community Plus Coordinator if this is a concern for you and we can talk about a scholarship which would include more volunteering hours.

  • What do I get for participating?

    You will graduate the end of the 2 stage program with a Leader in Development certificate which will be an asset to your resume.

    Exclusive to all LID Interns is:

    • 20% discount to all Community Plus camps/events

    • 10% off Community Plus Merchandise line